season sea‧son [ˈsiːzn] noun
[countable, uncountable] COMMERCE TRAVEL a period of time in the year when most business is done, or the time of year when something happens:

• A full shuttle service is not expected until after the summer tourist season.

• You can get some cheap travel deals out of season (= during the period of time when most people do not travel ) .

ˈdead ˌseason [singular] COMMERCE TRAVEL
the time of year when demand for (= the number of people wanting) goods, travel etc is at its lowest
ˌhigh ˈseason [singular] COMMERCE TRAVEL
the part of a year when there is a lot of business and prices are usually higher, especially in the tourist industry:

• Rooms range from $98 to $146 during high season.

ˌlow ˈseason [singular] COMMERCE TRAVEL
the time of year when there is the least business for hotels, shops etc; =OFF-SEASON:

• Some of the resort's facilities will be limited during low season.

• Many hotels offer discounts, especially in the low season.

ˌoff ˈseason [singular] COMMERCE TRAVEL
the time of year when there is not as much business as usual, and when prices are usually lower, especially in the tourist industry:

• In the off season, you do not need to make a reservation.

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season UK US /ˈsiːzən/ noun [C]
a period of the year when a particular activity or event happens: »

the autumn/spring/summer/winter season


Travel agents are offering tempting discounts to persuade holidaymakers to book early for the 2013 season.


the holiday/tourist season


Stores are hoping for a strong Holiday buying season.


Cotton farmers have prospered from a long growing season.

FINANCE one of the times during the year when companies announce their financial results: »

The bank started the half-year reporting season for UK retail banks on Friday with its announcement of increased profits.

the time in each year when new styles of clothes, hair, etc. become fashionable: »

The fashion business moves so quickly that nobody can remember last season's look.

in season — Cf. in season
out of season — Cf. out of season
See also DEAD SEASON(Cf. ↑dead season), HIGH SEASON(Cf. ↑high season), LOW SEASON(Cf. ↑low season), OFF SEASON(Cf. ↑off season)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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